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August 20, 2019

United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon | Organic Vapor Adsorption | Adsorption Equipment 2000 | Quality Control | Superior Production | International Delivery | Experience and Commitment | UMI-2000 Activated Carbon Contact Information | Today, for a better tomorrow.... | Activated Carbon Adsorber Drums |

United Manufacturing International 2000 Activated Carbon

UMI-2000 supply activated carbon, ion exchange resins, adsorption filter vessels & equipment.
Pictured: Activated Carbon Lead/Lag Adsorption System - Model AF-5000 Duplex
UMI-2000 Products: Activated Carbon/GAC/PAC/EAC (Extruded Pellets) from Coal, Coconut Shell, Wood & Hard Anthracite/ Adsorption Equipment/ Ion Exchange Resins/ Filter Vessels/ Full Technical Support/ USA Trucking Logistics/ Bulk Tank Trailer Delivery of NSF Carbons

Since 1985, U.M.I. quietly wholesaled premium grade activated carbon to the major U.S. Carbon Companies. In January 1999, we saw an opportunity to hybrid the bulk activated carbon business with USA technology and American Made filter equipment - UMI-2000 was born! Our commitment to this goal has brought the winning advantage of quality USA made filter vessels, inexpensive filter media AND what many customers confirm is - THE BEST, MOST RELIABLE, MOST COST EFFECTIVE ACTIVATED CARBON / IX RESINS & ADSORBERS ON THE MARKET!
Tel/Fax: 530-528-1361
Skype Name: activatedcarbon2
Your satisfaction is guaranteed!!

Laurence Giovanni D'Alberti - ChE - Project Manager
17 Years in Chemical Industry
Associate member of AIChE
Association of Consulting Chemists & Chemical Engineers
N.G.W.A. (National Ground Water Association)
G.W.R.T.A.C. Listed (Ground-Water Remediation Technologies Analysis Center)

Address: UMI-2000 - 820 Kimball Road, Ste. 1002
Red Bluff CA 96080 USA